Modern kids become addictive to iPad's, 55% of kids under 2 years old use tablets on a regular basis. For many parents this is becoming a very important fight -to get kids out of home and interest them in other activities.

Our motto

We save kids from iPads!


Kids in town provide personalized information to parents about best activities for their kids based on kids age and previous activities. On our site and app parents can buy tickets to events, cancel tickets if needed, invite friends, see history of activities, store yearly subscriptions.

Our stage

April, 15 - launched in Ukraine
October, 16 - launched in Singapore
May, 17 - launched in Hong Kong
October, 17 - launched in Dubai

  • Ticket sales (affiliate + own system)
  • Advertising & Sponsorship
  • We are earning money trom month 2 and will break even in 4-5 months.

  • Launch personalization features of our email list (Dec'15)
  • Web-site personalization features (Jan'16)
  • Ticket sales roll out to other cities and more events (Nov'15 - Jan'16)
  • Launch of mobile app (Jan'16 - Feb'16)
  • Launch new cities
  • Most important

    We are ready to try first mature market. London launch - Jan 2016!

    Investment history

    Self-funding/Bootstrapping: 30 000 €, May 2015
    Seed: 105 000 €/20% (RMM angels), October 2016
    Seed 2: 65 000 €/5.2% (RMM + Sergej Belinski), September 2017